Clinical investigator site helping Pharma companies across the globe to transform scientific discoveries into new patient treatment.

Bioluminux is a clinical research investigator site dedicated to conducting innovative and quality clinical trial studies for the Pharmaceutical Industry and CROs. We have dedicated trained Physicians with years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

We provide prompt and reliable services to Pharma companies globally to transform scientific discoveries and innovation into new patient treatment while ensuring the safety of the trial participants.

We value the participant’s contribution to research and aim to provide a high standard of care for the clinical trial participants.

clinical research team planning and coordinating, pointing at tablet

Working to advance medical research

Through our clinical trials, our role is to rigorously conduct clinical trial studies to investigate the efficacy of new medicines and help researchers perfect medicines.

How you can help us

Volunteering to be a participant on a clinical trial is one of the best things that you, as a member of the public, can do to advance scientific research and help the medical community and its patients.